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Walk For Awareness

Walk For Awareness is a 5km walk through the streets of the Sunshine Coast with the aim of raising awareness to the growing homeless crisis in Australia, in particular, the Sunshine Coast area.

There is a stigma & stereotype attached to people who are experiencing homelessness, especially young people and it is really important that we advocate for them to help educate the wider community and break down the stigma surrounding homelessness.

Research suggests that stigma may be reduced by protest, education and contact. Through protest, stigma is presented as a morally unjust and people are encouraged not to act in inappropriate ways. Education challenges inaccurate stereotypes about homelessness and replaces these with factual information.

Contact, that is face-to-face interactions between a person who is homeless and the general public, brings the greatest improvements in public attitudes.

So join us this June, as we take to the streets and come together as one to challenge the stigma surrounding homelessness and help to create a community of equality.